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Climate change means that sustainability has cemented its place in the spotlight, also in investing. Welcome to the sustainable way of life, where the future customer experience and sustainable competitive edge become integral parts of our thinking.

Sustainable investing and the mission to change the world

Climate change means that sustainability has gone mainstream – also in investing. Investors have great power when it comes to paving the world more sustainable. How has sustainable investing changed and will change the world, business, and investment? And can sustainable investing also be good business? Yes. Investors realize that sustainable investing does not mean sacrificing performance.  


Customer relations in the age of rapid change

Over time the typical company becomes inwardly focused. They start to drive a lot of their activities around what they need. It’s really easy to lose sight of what the customer actually wants from them.

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Ahead of the curve, ahead of the competition

In today's competitive marketplace, great customer experience is a key differentiating factor and companies that put the customer first consistently outperform their competitors.

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Origin by Ocean - in the business of changing the world

Origin by Ocean is a start-up that turns an environmental problem into an opportunity. The company is an example of a new kind of entrepreneurship that aims to do good business – and also change the world. Climate change is a problem of a global scale and has sparked political movements, inspired action and strikes. Climate change also means business. The story started, like many good business ideas, when the right people met at the right time.


Entrepreneurial athletes are the future of sports

Technology, commercialization and rapid growth are reshaping the international industry of sports. The future belongs to athletes with more agency, professional knowledge and commercial opportunities than ever before. 

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Cryptoassets are coming

Financial technology has often been visualized as a threat that makes traditional banks redundant. Fintech innovations – like the blockchain – bring effectivity to many processes. Yet, there are relevant questions to be asked: Who exactly launches modern cryptoassets and why?  

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When the car is the driver

Autonomous vehicles face many hurdles, yet they are inevitably the future. They shift the focus from the individual car to the ecosystem needed for them to perform. The winners are the ones who adapt early.

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Trucks lead the way in AI

Artificial Intelligence comes at a time of change in the auto industry paradigm. The EU has set strict limits for carbon dioxide emissions for 2020–2030, maybe a bigger challenge for the European car industry than AI for now.

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Sustainable buildings – factory-made

One Finnish company is determined to show how an entire building can be built environmentally sustainably – inside a factory. But how massproduction of houses can be the eco-friendly option?

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Sport Fund - Idols do matter

Rather than just boosting promising young athletes, Sport Fund envisions a whole new outlook on the industry: athletes as entrepreneurs and athletic careers as a profitable investment.

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